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Name Political parties--United States--1920-1930
Number of Object records 1
Number of Photo records 1
Number of Archive records 1

Associated Records

Image of National Woman's Party Scrapbook Collection - 1944.007

National Woman's Party Scrapbook Collection - 1944.007

The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings dating from 1926 to 1928 on political, societal, and economic issues related to women and the objectives the National Woman's Party. The scrapbook has a black cloth cover. In the upper left corner of the front cover, The Ideal Scrap Book is impressed in gold lettering. A small, torn piece of a label remains on the front cover. The scrapbook was originally bound, but many pages are not secured by the black string. Many of the pages are discolored and rippled, and glue dots are exposed. There are loose newspaper clippings.

Image of Nina Allender Political Cartoon Collection - 1910.012.004

Nina Allender Political Cartoon Collection - 1910.012.004

At an upscale party, a woman, surrounded by men, waves a fan labeled "woman voter." Title transcribed from the item. The artist did not write a date on the original drawing.

Photographic Records of the National Woman's Party-Individual Portraits - SEBE-P-2546

Group of women standing in front of a building, someholding tricolor flags. Labeled "Delegation to Hoover in 1928" in black ink at bottom. Numbers written underneath identified women. Written on the verso: Equal Rights 13. Gail Laughlin, Maine (Attorney) 1. Mrs. Richard Wainwright 2. Maude Younger, California 3. 4. Mrs. Harvey Wiley, D.C. 5. Mrs. Florence Bayard Hilles, Delaware 6. Helena Hill Weed, Connecticut 7. 8. Mrs. Jane Norman Smith, N.Y. 9. 10. 11. Mrs. Dora Gelletly Ogle, MD 12. 13.